How Does It Work?

At Mishawaka Dental, Invisalign patients receive a custom-made set of clear plastic aligners, each one designed to fit the individual patient’s mouth as they move teeth into their ideal alignment. These aligners are made through a combination of 3-D computer imaging and the dental artistry and expertise of our Mishawaka Dental staff. All you will have to do is wear the aligners as directed and schedule a quick check-up every 4 to 6 weeks so that we can ensure that you’re making progress. Tooth alignment occurs in a gradual, steady fashion to give you great results with no discomfort.


Invisalign offers patients teeth straightening that it is more comfortable, as well as more visually pleasing than traditional metal braces. With smooth aligning trays that are gentle on your gums, you will not experience irritation associated with other tooth aligning methods. The aligners are clear and virtually invisible, so no one will know that you are receiving treatment.

Unlike braces that need to be regularly tightened with uncomfortable, unsightly wires, our custom-designed aligners at Mishawaka Dental are much easier to work with. The aligners are removed during meals, meaning that there will be no dietary restrictions, and removed for brushing and flossing, presenting no need for complicated tooth cleaning regimens. You can continue your normal routines uninterrupted – brush your teeth, floss, eat dinner, or even to enjoy a special occasion.

Invisalign Mishawaka Dental

At Mishawaka Dental, we know that Invisalign is popular among patients of all ages because Invisalign is more comfortable as well as more aesthetically pleasing than metal braces. The amount of force that is applied by Invisalign is much less than traditional braces, which reduces the discomfort that is often associated with the latter. Additionally, patients don’t need to worry about getting food lodged in their mouth, because they can simply remove the mold when eating and drinking.

We are confident that we can provide an effective, comfortable and visually pleasing treatment for straightening your teeth here at Mishawaka Dental. Contact us at and we will schedule an Invisalign consultation with our dentists.  Invisalign is the best, most discreet, most effective way to straighten teeth without affecting your appearance.


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